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Paul Roger's Timeline Nameplat

1905 Paul Rogers is born, September 9, in Couches Creek, North Carolina; Fred Marquand is born

1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire

1907 Charles Dana Gibson's "Gibson Girl" is considered the model of femininity

1908 Bakelite, a water resistant, electrical insulator and easily machined plastic, is invented

1909 Conservative Republican and tattooed Senator Barry Goldwater is born

1910 Paul's father, a timber cutter, dies in Asheville, North Carolina; Tattooed King Edward VII dies

1911 Tattooed King George V is crowned; Sailor Jerry Collins is born

1912 Paul's family moves to Peachtree, North Carolina with his mother's family the McGuires; an iceberg sinks the Titanic, drowning 1,595

1913 US Income tax law goes into effect

1914 Telephone line installed between New York and San Francisco

1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition, San Francisco; Clyde W. Forsman is born 1916 Bert Grimm obtains first tattoo license in Chicago

1917 Tattooed Czar Nicholas II abdicates and is imprisoned

1918 Paul's family moves to Spartanburg, South Carolina

1919 Paul's family moves to Catacee, South Carolina. Paul works in hydraulic powered, 4 story cotton mill

1920 American women win the right to vote

1921 Capt. Jack Howard dies; United States influenza deaths reported to have far exceeded war causalities

1922 Annie Oakley breaks existing record for women's trap shooting, 98 out of 100

1923 Dance "till you drop" marathons are all the rage

1924 George Gerswhin transfixes audiences with his composition "Rhapsody in Blue"

1925 B.B. King, American blues guitarist is born on September 16th 1926; Paul, age 21, gets his first tattoo from Chet Cain; Scottish inventor John L. Baird shows something called television

1927 Charles Lindbergh flies Atlantic alone Ford offers Model A; gets 50,000 orders

1928 Paul starts tattooing in October; Amelia Earhart becomes first women to fly over Atlantic

1929 Paul meets Irma McClain in Fayetteville, North Carolina; Stock market crash, "Black Thursday", October 24; Percy Waters files tattoo machine patent

1930 Thomas Edison tests first electric passenger train between Hoboken and Montclair, New Jersey

1931 Paul and Irma part, but she bares him a daughter, Faye Ray; Inventor, Thomas Alva Edison dies at the age of 84

1932 Paul starts on the road with the J.J. Page Show and later that year works with John T. Rea and meets Helen Winter

1933 Paul and Helen marry on October 14, in Kittaning, Pennsylvania and move to Spartanburg, South Carolina where Paul works the Happy Land Shows

1934 Leonard, Helen and Paul's first child is born on October 16; George Burchett begins tattooing the Great Omi

1935 During the winter, Paul works at Drayton cotton mill in Spartanburg, South Carolina; Will Rogers, born in 1879, dies in an airplane crash near Point Barrow, Alaska

1936 Paul is back on the road with the John T. Rea Side Show. Tattoo article featuring Horiyoshi II appears in Life Magazine

1937 Paul and Helen live in Drayton, South Carolina and work the Happy Land Shows

1938 Willis, Helen and Paul's second child is born on April 6, in Spartanburg, South Carolina; George Burchett is the first tattoo artist to appear on television; the photocopy machine invented

1939 Paul quits the road

1940 First draft number is drawn in United States

1941 Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor

1942 Paul moves to Charleston, South Carolina, and opens his first tattoo shop; Honolulu, Hawaii starts issuing tattoo permits

1943 United States Supreme Court rules unconstitutional the State practice of requiring students to salute the flag

1944 Norman Rockwell's famous painting of the tattooed sailor appears on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post's March 4th issue

1945 Paul begins his 5 year association with Coleman starting in Norfolk, Virginia; Tattooist Don Ed Hardy is born

1946 Sailor George Fosdick dies

1947 Greg Irons is born; Mildred Hull, tattooed lady/artist, dies in New York

1948 Mathatma Gandhi is assassinated; State of Israel is established

1949 David, Helen and Paul's third child is born on July 26; Lathan Connelly arrives in Norfolk, Virginia from Petersburg, Virginia

1950 Norfolk city officials close down all tattoo shops; Paul and Connelly open shops in Petersburg, Virginia and Jacksonville, North Carolina

1951 Tattoo article appears in Life Magazine

1952 Percy Waters, born 1888, dies

1953 Charlie Wagner dies in New York City: George Burchett, born 1872, dies in England

1954 Bill Haley and the Comets record "Rock Around the Clock"

1955 Paul and the family move to Jacksonville, North Carolina; Huck Spaulding opens shop on Court Street in Jacksonville and Paul joins him later; Tattoo cover appears on the Saturday Evening Post

1956 Two months after Rosa Parks refuses to move to the back of the bus, a boycott of the bus system begins in Montgomery, Alabama

1957 In New York, fans chase Giants to clubhouse, steal souvenirs on last game before the move to California

1958 W.C. Handy, composer of "Memphis Blues" and "St. Louis Blues", dies at the age of 84 in New York

1959 Alaska becomes 49th and largest state; the hula hoop is introduced as America's newest fad

1960 Paul and Huck close Jacksonville North Carolina shop and go to Alaska, but after 1 month they move back and re-open shop in Jacksonville

1961 Paul and the family move to New Jersey and Paul works with Sailor Eddie Evans in Camden

1962 Two of the Flying Wallendas are killed in a high-wire act in Detroit, Michigan: John Glenn becomes first American to orbit earth

1963 Paul moves from Camden, New Jersey to Jacksonville Beach, Florida with old time tattooist, Bill Williamson; John F. Kennedy, assassinated in Dallas, Texas in November

1964 Bill Williamson dies and Paul inherits the Jacksonville Beach shop; Christiaan Warlich dies

1965 Sir Winston Churchill, born 1874, dies in Great Britain; California becomes the largest state in population

1966 The mini-skirt, complimented by headbands, beads and plastic boots make the fashion scene

1967 10,000 hippies rally at a New York "Be-In ; the first heart transplant is performed by Dr. Christiaan Barnhard in Cape Town, South Africa

1968 Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy are assassinated; San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury is a hippie haven

1969 Mankind makes its greatest leap: to the moon

1970 Paul works Atlantic City with Ernie Carafa. Later Paul buys his trailer in Jacksonville Beach, Flordia and begins working "at home"

1971 Hank Aaron joins Babe Ruth and Willie Mays at 600+ home run mark

1972 Tattoo article featuring Lyle Tuttle appears in Life Magazine; Milton Zeis dies

1973 August Bernard Coleman dies; Sailor Jerry dies

1974 Lyle Tuttle's Tattoo Art Museum opens to the public in San Francisco, California

1975 American blues guitarist and vocalist, Aaron "T Bone" Walker dies 1976 North American Tattoo Club holds its first convention in Houston, Texas in January

1977 Doc Forbes dies in Canada

1978 Carol Nightingale files patent for tattoo machine

1979 National's first Tattoo Convention held in Denver, Colorado

1980 Leonard "Stoney" St. Clair born 1912, dies

1981 Betty Broadbent becomes first person admitted to the Tattoo Hall of Fame

1982 Helen dies at 70 years of age on November 27 and is buried at Greenlawn Cemetery in Portsmouth, Virginia; Queen Mary Expo held in Long Beach, California

1983 Paul is admitted to the Tattoo Hall of Fame; Betty Broadbent, born 1909, dies

1984 First Amsterdam Tattoo Foundation Convention

1985 Bert Grimm dies

1986 Doc Webb dies

1987 Philadelphia Eddie's National Tattoo Museum opens to the public

1988 Paul suffers stroke

1989 Paul's friends in the tattoo community join together and produce a benefit flash book to help with his medical expenses

1990 After 56 years in the tattoo profession, Paul dies in a nursing home in Jacksonville, Florida at the age of 84 and leaves his entire collection to the Tattoo Archive in Berkeley, California

1991 To honor his memory, the Tattoo Archive presents The Life and Times of Paul Rogers, an exhibit in Oakland, California