Joseph F. Verba Name Plate

Printer, tattooist, supplier and manufacturer -- Joseph Verba was a man with many talents! He was located at 15014 Edgewood Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. Verba fancied himself as the showman's supplier. In his 1930s catalog he stated, "I supply 75% of the show people, they always send me the name of the next town where they are playing."

His catalog included tattoo kits for hand tattooing with prices ranging from $3.00 up to $20.00 for two machines, a stick of black India ink and jars of red, green, yellow and brown pigment.

In the 1930's his machines sold for $5.00. He bragged in his catalogs, "My machines are heavily built of brass, nickel plated, extra heavy high polished frame, magnet coils of Swedish rod iron steel, wound with fine double cotton covered wire and carefully tested to give you the proper current and vibration, coil plate Swedish steel, vibrator Swedish blue steel, extra heavy sanitary pencil shaped tube, 000.15 spring silver tipped, nickel silver needle bar. My Machines will operate on A.C. or D.C. current, with proper rheostat and is guaranteed to do fine art work."

Along with his hand tools and machines Verba offered other supplies, including, hand-drawn and painted flash, imported German Black Ink, switch boards, and photos of tattooed people. He stated that these "make a fine display and increase your business."

Also from that 1930s catalog was this, "Are you interested in my color system and want the names of each color here listed also many other shades? I will supply same along with the name and address of companies who handle them at wholesale price. Direct to you from one ounce to as much as you may need. Price for this information $10.00."

Verba's Printing House operated out of the same location on Edgewood offereing envelops, cards, labels, handbills and ticket printing.

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